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"I Must Tell You Of My Love" (by Joe DiMino)

I must tell You of my love:
You, who know me already—
Warm my heart from within and without;
You, having given me all capacity to feel,
Released me and drawing me back,
Your capture not one of force
But as overcast turns to bright,
By many drops released from sky,
Touching their ways back to sea,
Having conquered the mountains,
Swept the valleys clean,
I come to You reconstituted in wave
No longer a fragment in trickle from high to low—
But as a moth entranced by flame
Sensing of the fire eternity transformed
Your radiance an ignition-magnet
Drawing me from darkness a blaze for Light
Father! I come to You! I come to You!

There is a time to be sensible—
And a time for sensibility restrained—
Spirit-instinct takes hold—
The ship given to Divine command—
The captain, not subordinate, but partner at the helm
Is one with wind, one with sea
And the dark in sky, acrack with shatters of light,
Faces an unstoppable fleet
On course, stern from night!