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"I Often Think Of Time" (by Joe DiMino)

I often think of time…
The tripping nature of time-
That pause
Before the second-hand moves on…
The escapement
Or gate so to speak-
When something must be opened
Before something or someone
Can pass-
The point where reflection
Or contemplation
Spontaneously occurs-
The mechanical nature of time;
The single-minded appetite of vacuums
Demanding to be filled-
Sucking in at the lock-
Salvation in the pause;
Just above saturation,
Feet dangling,
Sea licking up,
The taste I recall
Of tears;
First salt encounters
Into wounds,
Searing fire and recoil-
(Salt can also heal in time I remember-
Besides chaffing to the bone)
For just a dry instant
I am able to avoid a drench of sea-
Time enough for a quick wetsuit of prayer-