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"I Saw An Angel" (by Joe DiMino)

I saw an angel yesterday—
Not the typical one
With wings—
This one at a carnival,
Handing out balloons
Attached to strings;
Children the recipients,
Each one appearing uplifted,
Bright balloons
Seemed to lighten smiles,
Floating them for miles…

I heard an angel yesterday say:
“Is there something I can do?”
The old woman at the market
Lost her purse,
And hadn’t the foggiest clue;
Tears ran down her face,
Streams going back for miles—
“I found this on the floor.”
He was thanked with floating smiles;

I kissed an angel this morning—
She blessed me at the door;
Said: “God be with you
Throughout the day—
Loving you as I do;
Waved me off with smiles
Floating me for miles….

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