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"I Saw This One Cloud" (by Joe DiMino)

I saw this one cloud-
Chose him/her (it if you insist)
From the several other
Low-flyers on that particular day-
The sky unusually dreamy;
And my head again
Up there with clouds
Somewhere between earth and sky,
Wishing I had wings….

This was an especially fluffy,
Soft and pillowy-flight of mine;
My head resting deeper-
My body, a cradle-of-down,
The silky smoothness
And spicy-scent of children
Before they are alarmed for school;
For choir-practice;
For pregnancy-
The reveille of war…

I rose in light-thought
Just shy of the sun,
But beyond my often reach;
Remembering what my Father said:
"Son, don't waste your life dreaming…"
Remembering what my Mother Said:
"Son, listen to your Father,
He knows what's best…"
Remembering what this little, old-sweetness-of-lady
Down the corner
Where the pavement fell away
Spoke as she fluttered her days
Looking up,
Painting blue, cottony-billows of white,
Some stringy-pinky-things
That she smiled at
While seeming lifted along:
"Boy, believe you have wings…
And be willing to die, if that's what it takes
To save them from the Clippers…."

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