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"I Seek To Define You"(by Joe DiMino)

I seek to define You,
So that I may love You fully-
But how? How?
My experience always one of fragments,
Prayers and the limited breath
That sends them on their way
To another fragment,
Somewhere somewhere somewhere-
My mind tries to look in,
Retrace those footprints to the heart of that Island, God-
Retouch the source that sent 
Me on my way,
Thrown to the sea
A message in a bottle of self-

Who is there to find me
When there is no one else but You
Fish me out
Pop my cork
In hope of new effervescence…

Who will cast their net
And for what snarling reason
Worth more than fragment being
Would have compelled them beyond the reef
Into a whirlpool of storm
To repossess what God has set free
I know
Only Thee