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"I Thought, I Hoped, I Prayed—At Last!" (by Joe DiMino)

You gave me hope
Because I thought you a new man
Disregarding what history has taught me
Including my own
That truth is too often relegated to
Individual determinism,
Personal preferences and prejudices—
And even more so to public opinion
Often a sewer of mass distortion;
I thought you a clear-vision man
No longer seeing men
As dark and light—
Even combined shades of each
Are still variations of color—
I thought you a man of God
And not temples
More often than not grossly flock-thinking—
I thought you a Divinely inspired leader
Heaven sent to fairly unite
And not an old division
Remarketed, definitively out of the past—

I thought, I hoped, I prayed—at last!
And now you are proving the world and me
Again wrong—

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