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"I Try To Separate" (by Joe DiMino)

I try to separate
Grains of sand
(Sprayed by the ocean
The crazy image of a cat,
Marking his territory, flashes);
Scooping up handfuls,
I recall to my many castles,
See again tides washing
Them away;
I recall people—
Try counting them one by one
As the sand
But soon settle for clumps—
My often reasoning,
When overwhelmed by singularity
(Others and my own),
I favor all in groups—
I have ridden waves of these
While never able entirely to surmount
An individual—

I look back—
My imprint of steps;
Think of all the compacted—
Did they feel my passing
And pause?
Will they cheer or mourn
As I am swept away?
Themselves cling flatly within
The shallow pools,
Or one by one,
Out of clumps,
Anticipate the next wave—rise
With the next tide
By chance
Following me out to sea?

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