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"I Walk With God" (by Joe DiMino)

I walk with God,
Tracking for harmony of pace—
Forwarding His perfection
Of my stride,
Ever higher in direction—
Alas!—On some peak
Carried to ultimate-aloft—
My cherished wish,
Not a fare purchased
By diligent prayer;
Nor privilege granted
From any of mine planted—
It is for Heaven’s pleasure alone,
And not reward
That I am brightly lifted toward—
Ripened as His fruit—freely giving
From seed of himself,
The source of myself
And all living.

Why do I feel
Lowly and rejected
With such harvest as this?
When I punish me
I punish the All I strive to be;
And never will this do,
For the All I seek in love
Is all of me in You,
My Divine Absorption!

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