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Ila Creations....

Ila's latest Creations, leather/assorted fabric flowers with rhinestone centers; Pin-ons that can be worn on hats, jackets, blouses, purses etc. The lastest fashion colors:

Larger are 5'' ($35)and mediums are 4'' ($30) + $4.00 shipping.


Hats are $30.00 ($65.00 with flower), assorted fabric; each handmade and one of a kind.


For general information or to order call, 1-602-944-4343....

or e-mail


(Elegant Silk Pillows, One of a kind Angels, Theme Teddy bears:)

Exquisite Ila Creations for that special one-of-a-kind gift:

Embroidered Silk Pillows for those special occasions....

(embroidered with your poetry or one of our award winning poems)


It is the expression of love

that gives the soul wings

and a never ending span of light.....

Pillows By Ila

Perfect for Weddings, Anniversaries, Birthdays--any occasion where a unique gift would be cherished...

(Pillows are 14" by 14" made of silk or antique damask )

(Pillows are $90.00 each. Made to order.)

(click on image for larger picture)


Angels By Ila

(Angels are made of silks, laces, antique fabrics, jewels and fine tassels)

Cone Angels and Tassel Angels--perfect for Christmas Tree Toppers or to set on a table as a Party Favor .....

Angels are $35.00 each. Can be made to order.

(click on image for larger picture)





Teddy bears By Ila

Teddy Bears are truly one of a kind. Each is a work of art--a perfect gift for the collector....


Bride bear $125.00, 11" tall--colors and fabric made to order.

(12" groom dressed in tuxedo also available--bride and groom pair $250.00)

(Click on image for larger picture)


Mr.& Mrs. Santa Clause $300.00 (24"tall)

(dressed in velvet and imitation fur....)


Golfers $600.00 (12" tall)

(Includes caddy, golfer, clubs and green)


Court Jester $125.00 (24"tall)

(red and green fur; red velvet and gold embroidery; velvet shoes)


"Henry The Eighth" $500.00 (24"tall)

(Plush fur--can be dark or light; stands alone; velvet coat, ermine like trim;

gold lame' pleated pants; jewelry will vary; velvet hat with gold embroidery and jewels and feather...)


"The Pirate" $500.00 (24" tall)

(Plush fur; hook hand; wooden leg; stands alone; suede pants; velvet jacket over

brocade vest; silk with laced jabot; real miniature sword and dagger; leather boots)


For more information on any product call Ila at:


or e-mail

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