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"In The Desert" (by Joe DiMino)

In the desert—
A measure of stillness welcomed,
And, therefore, less distracted—
One becomes more attuned
To subtle nature;

Alertness is
Deepening silence;

Silence itself
An abundant source of inspiration
When purely free of echoes,
The constant droning of the mind—

On my left
I see a shadow
Suspended—eyes hollow
Of even night;

But here, unlike elsewhere,
When quickly turned toward,
Instead of fleeing to near dark
This specter lingers
In the air defiantly, see-through, yet far from transparent—
Hung in moonlight
On invisible noose—

An intangible death
That knows me well (from birth)—

Though I have forgotten;
And long since
Buried it away
With other senses—

Hidden along with early stars

Far higher
And more beautiful
Than the multitude above me,
Adhered to seeming pall,
The sky of my amnesia—

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