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"In The Physical" (by Joe DiMino)

In the physical
Opposites attract—
The curious nature of magnets;

But on planes invisible
It is soul-mates
To whom we gravitate—
High or low
We well know
The compatible and incompatible—
Make our choices
And bushy-tailed,
The spirit having long ago
Perfected its Night-vision;
And the grave
Or living nature of decisions;

True Vampires are not victims…

With the physical
There are lies to
Deceive our brains,
And brains
That can conceal a multitude of lies;
Gods of self
To bless us
And a god
Whom many deny with steel and padlock,
The Atheist denounces quite loudly—“Methinks the man doth protest too much”;
A generation protests too much—
Blaming everything but themselves
For the hoarse of their own throats
And the destructive nature
Of their own angry rhythms—

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