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"In Your Praise" (by Joe DiMino)

In Your praise
We join for chorus
Our spirits
Such inspired—
Voices unite
As do our souls
With Liberty in sight,
That all earth
By Heaven’s Son acquired
Triumphantly rises
Of Christ-light;

Transformed of sorrow
In sun of joy
He Lifts all,
For hearts
In golden chorus
Once enlightened
Rise again
To never fall;

Eternal is our melody—

Newly ascribed,


Christ has sung
Our resurrection—

All mortal creation
(Freed of deadly sin)
In rapturous harmony
As life restored
God’s children
Sing His
Risen song…

We are
Bright children of Light—

Sown of Royal-seed;

Children of Light
From which will blossom
New humanity—
Through eternity.

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