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"Indeed, True Love Never Dies" (by Joe DiMino)

If only beauty
Would last forever!
But the body ages
A natural dryness;
First a wrinkle in time
And then
Too easy to find
Though a fine story
Tell many—

Ah!—but real love

Is a smoother
If one looks
Behind the scene,

That stage we first strut
Till lines recall dim
And the music dulls
Stiff and tremulous
As our pace—

Yet I have seen
In some well weathered couples
After looking upon
Decades of each other
Remarkable twinkles in the depths
Of their eyes—
A peace and knowledge
Defining all physical as lies—
A proof of spirit untarnished
And immortal
Those priests can only envy…
For a good-book
Is still a form-book—
With a cover that fades
Despite the archives,
But only old lovers
Can attest for heaven
That for certain
True love never ages and dies….

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