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"Into My Room They Silently Creep" (by Joe DiMino)

No fog tonight
This time true
Owners of paws;
Into my room
They silently creep…
(A long-day
Now into the mist,
But my door left ajar
Not entirely asleep);

Up on the bed
Paw pirates to deck of night…
Not gold their booty
But nearness and hand
Before my eyes sealed
An impenetrable sand
(Mother and kittens
Come to cuddle and
Playfully fight
Sadly their day
Is always my night)—

Knowing when roused
Our game of “Softly I scold”—
They sense as a paw
When tucking the claw
For a loving encounter
We both adore

(The bedroom off limits
Warned many times before)
Yet in clear defiant strides
They ignore my threshold,
And creep over folds;
As we firmly know
Love always emboldens—

“Hey, you guys have no business here!
While my hand moves fondly
From whisker
To ear….

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