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No part of this poetry should be reproduced in any form without written consent from the author, John Garland, who retains all rights: contact

"Intoxicating Waves" by John Garland

The waves roll in in an intoxicating rhythm
As dreams float upon the ripples of the tide
Giving warmth unto the soul resting in slumber
Thankful for the memories of days gone by
Listen to the seagulls gliding through the air
Speaking words of wisdom unto the morning sun
Which sizzles in the surf rising above the horizon
Adrift upon the seas of eternity's never ending hope
Awake now oh passions of the ocean breeze
Give solace unto the currents of the tidewater
Which surrenders unto the heaven's peaked summer swells
Enriched by the beauty of many hearts crying out
There you will find the peace offered by the Host
Whose loving compassion encompasses your desires
With divine impressions of love's tender mercies
Set adrift upon the tapestries of your soul

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