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"Just Want To Say, I Love You God" by Joe DiMino.

Just want to say, I love you God;
And how it isn't fair
When we blame You in secret
For bad things;
Oh, openly all good to You accredited!
All beauty to You appended!
But the sad hurts us deeply You know;
Pains our souls (those little black/white things
No microscope can find
Yet weighs like a brick in us)--
As I said, bad things when they happen--
"Acts of God," we soften
To a scapegoat of "Mother Nature and her fury" (maternal blasphemy);
"Only the Good Die Young" also gives some
Warped justification
For positives of balance
Sorely missed in a world often tipped toward war-
For hearts are mangled beyond body;
When faith seems more a cross
Instead of comfort; we may understand
That we do all the bad ourselves (this law of Yours,
Freewill etched on our DNA--the atomic weapon
Of individualized-human-consciousness)--
A privilege we tell ourselves, to learn
By "Trial and Error" spirits drenched in tears;
Pain an inevitable teacher (we sow what we reap)--
Even if our needles all threads all Yours God,
In more than figurative sense,
With the garments-silk to You all attributed
While the abominations of patterns we wear
To fire are all demonic weavings of our own;
So…so…we read again-and again and again
Over of the final triumph--
In peaceful moments turn
More toward art-paint our miracles;
Compose our music,
And sing till that one note divine--
And praying it is what I'm hearing,
I say again: I love God!

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