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"Karma and Reincarnation" by Joe DiMino

I am told there was a fall—-
Some ancient ancestor of mine,
A distant relationship with
An apparent flaw (hum…some bad blueprint I guess)
Succumbed to temptation
When a snake in a garden
Slithered to a tree (by the way, how did he get there?
No Eden to me)
Enticed her to eat of a dangerous fruit
(Who made it big and red and juicy?)
And now no created is free,
With abrupt explanation
Cast-out a slave
For Earth Plantation;

What’s wrong with this picture?

(A) Do snakes talk or hiss?....
(B) How many have you kissed?..........................

(A) Where was the gardener’s boss when needed?
Some place better? Off with
his elite, on more fertile soil,
eating the best fruit for nutrition—-sounds
too much like a politician. Answer only true or false….

(A) All of the above…..
(B) Don’t understand any of the above….
(C) Where is the love?....

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