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"Knowing" (by Joe DiMino)

I really don’t know right
From wrong anymore:
Feeling knowledge now
(For me anyway)
Is more having become
Let be and
Less knowing; realizing
When I need to convince
Myself of something,
It is probably against
My spirit-grain—

And knowing is work;

Lots of books for backup…

The weight of support
A leaning toward/against
Too often the literature
Less informing/entertainment
And more a personal

But God how I hate
Those blank sheets
Almost as much
As the filled ones!—
Though I can’t agree
With the dog,
Myself preferring
A bidet

Really knowing
Is just knowing

A beginning

Need not have
A start
And certainly
No ending…

Show me a soul
Admitted a lifelong read
In progress
And I will show you
An eternal source
And friend

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