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"Lady Liberty" (by Joe DiMino)

Where is your crown
Lady Liberty?
Who has taken it From your once proud head?
Who has dared
To dim your torch
Held high for beaming,
For distant gleaming?
Drawing out of night
The bright of nations
Into a New-age of light
On an infant shore,
Her loving heart and arms
Wide spread
Welcoming those fleeing tyranny
Or from poverty
Taken flight,
To seek their comfort
And prosperity
Beneath your soaring eagle-wings
Always a majestic sight—

Yes—she is now threatened:
But that same God
Who had ordained Her might and wealth
Also will restore Her health—
Men guided by the spirit of God
Are destined to be free—trusting in Him alone,
And not in earthly powers
Of those who want to be.

God does not take—He gives;
God does not redistribute wealth
For His supply is infinite—
And for those who are able,
Willing to apply themselves,
In time they will be amply blessed—
But only by their works
For He does not throw seed
In any nest.

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