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"Last Call" by Joe DiMino.

“Last call!” the angel said
Sporting a devilish-grin—I wondered
Whose side he’s on?

“And listen-up!
Especially you joggers and weightlifters—
Well aware of density difference
Between muscle and dimply-flab—
All arms and legs are
Strictly prohibited
On transports!—with more no-s
For torsos (weight regulation 0000-infinite2)

With an extra BIG NO
For you intellectuals!
When it comes to
Heads with brains—reported since Beginning
How they tend to spontaneously
Swell out of control,
Pushing all other mere
Topics aside—
And believe me,
None of you would want this craft to sink!”
He warned with a devious grin
As he helped me aboard
A lump of Gray-matter hidden within the folds
Of my ego—

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