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"Let Me Not Count"  by Joe DiMino

I have heard,
“Let me count the ways”
Yet, if I must say
Then saying chills 
The waters,
For no warmth-pool
May it be wet or love
If known to the bather
To the body core,
That spirit center
Needs no counting
Whether low or above—

Therefore, do not ask
Or allow me
On fingers or toes
Or that modern calculate
That grows immeasurably
To make of love electrics
The wiring for buildings
Like the DNA touted
Mere director as a theater
Its single switch
At a flick or touch 
On and off all lights—
Better that God, Alone, knows
So what he gives freely
Deflects all numbers
And sums…
And is never dark
Or ending 
Mathematically done….

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