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"Lies of The Heart, Never Accountable Lies" (by Joe DiMino)

I love you in truth
For love knows no lies
Only secrets;
And these are not
Lies of omission
But surfacing truth
Of submission—
Giving to the rise
When nothing else matters
Outside the moment—
The lift of each other,
Then the gentle rocking
Of love’s cradled being;

And who’s to say what love is
Where it comes from—
Whether out of hiding for
Some carnal hunger
Or strange mysticism
Wise-ones are yet
To satisfactorily define—
Oh they know, somewhat,
But only of theirs
And not the high of yours
And mine;

A thump in the dark
Of journey—

Against flint of the heart;

What bright ignition!

Just the right angle
For fusion—

Yes, I love you
In all of life
And perhaps greater in death
When we are no-longer rationed and timed—
But if it be a human lie
Manufacturing sense
Out of unknowing,
Heaven will spare me the fires
Of at least this—
Lies of the heart

Never accountable lies—

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