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Listen To The Trees (from Listen Series) by Joe DiMino who retains all rights

Listen to the trees…
how dark their voices in the moonless night-
unnerving shades that only today were bright, green, sunny things;
and now their quivering leaves, remind me more
of scarecrow sleeves,
nearby not a bird would light
unless he were a terrible sight.
Listen to the wind…
storm voice near the distant eye-
Listen! Listen! Listen! What a thunderous cry!
There!-the last ray of sunlight gone, in a fester of billowing clouds;
with the last quiet moment, in a splatter of furious sounds;
down the torrent upon us
the wind like sickles and mowing blades;
Listen! Listen! Listen!-to the trees now toppling shades.
Yet, in the midst of all madness-
the air, a hornet of frantic leaves;
wind tugging at our garments,
flapping and fluttering like scarecrow sleeves-
a quiet comes over us;
halfway through passes a silent eye;
blesses us with a peaceful moment;
reassuringly winks good-bye….