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"Little Light Beloved"  by Joe DiMino

Oh little light
Oh little light
Little Light Beloved—
Light of the Father’s Son,
Abide in us
Sacred Heart of caring
Soon, Thy victory won;

Though troubled times
Brightening trace
Little Light of 
Enlightening grace
We carry Thee in our blood
As our core 
Through every bone,
Evident in our eyes
Joy of the heart
Your treasure is love 
Our gift for the sharing;
Dispelling the Devil’s lies
His soulless, selfish glaring
Your Christ presence
Father’s Sacred Vessel
Our Morning Star
A Flawless Seed 
From Heaven healing bearing

Wherever Thou are
We go—
Following Thy blessed glow;
Wherever a Cross
Planted we sow;
From out of earth’s dark
Yet fertile soil will grow
Your Kingdom, all Light
To eternally flow
Heaven’s tenders of the garden
Children to enlighten
As a new humanity
Come to the garden
To cherish and know
Light of the Christ Star
Wherever love
Forever there You are
Father’s Blazing Sun
No longer divided
Heaven and earth one
Thy Kingdom Come!
Thy Kingdom Come!

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