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"Lord Knows" (by Joe DiMino)

Lord knows I have possessions
And then some;
At least two of everything
I think I need—and a third
Long saved and forgotten where;
Really no room
For anything new
When the old
Reaffirms till capacity;

Yes, there are limits—
Defined is self imposed;
Whether addiction or co-dependency
We are owned
By what we love
As much by
That which we hate;
I have made gods
Of forms with texture—
Drawn to their scents
And painted their colors
On my own soul as well;
Tasted the sweet and sour
Declaring my tongue—

Thank heaven
For the lethal parting!

For the blessed paradox—

Taking only
That which further
Diminishes me….

So I bequeath my fond nostalgia—

Giving way
As I should have done
Years ago

When first I silenced
The voice….

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