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"Love Is Forever" (by Joe DiMino)

Love is forever
Never to part;
Love is forever--
Here now my love
To you
I pledge my heart;

Every beat
You are
My life's reason,
Love needs
Only trust
For its season--
Our little nest
This rose garden--
Love is calling
I let go
Catch me
As I'm falling...

Love is forever--
Our names written in
Her blossom-book;
Love is forever,
Open to our Heart-page
--just have
A look:

Love the song
Henceforth my heart
Will sing,
I promise
With this ring
Vow to never break
Sooner die
Than ever forsake,
My love true…

Love is forever
And yet always new--
Love is forever;
And for me
Is you…

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