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"Love Just Happens"  by Joe DiMino

Love just happens
Bumped my heart
While on the fly—
Love just happens,
Above clouds
Enough I had of
Silver linings
Already flying high—

Music brought me heights
My nights ribbons of lights
Carousels in the sky,
Love just happens
Said, no need to get off,
Only me passing by

Love just happens
I said, perhaps,
Stay a little longer:
Share another tune,
An old fashioned moon—
We’ll come down
And set awhile,
A garden bench,
The customary spoon;
Sing like yesterdays:
Perhaps a poem,
Be old fashioned
In those dear
And corny ways—
Love just happens
And sometimes

Love just happens
Spring turned to June;
And then the autumn came
Yet to warm our winter moon
A new blossom was
There to name—
We called her love
For it happens,
And now all grown
Love is hers to name;
Yes, love just happens
And only love
To fondly blame

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