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"Loved and Needed" (by Joe DiMino)

Scary as they are
(Getting into my cat’s head)
People aren’t entirely mad (their habits)
(Just daffy a bit) (Yelling at the news
On TV);
Seldom watching for tails
When they step
(Oops! My bad)
Yet I am well fed
(The picture on the can)
And I do have free run
Of the place (the human
Critter home that is);
With lots of cuddly stuff
(Fake prey they buy me—non allergenic but bloodless)—
God! Mine sleeps in the buff (Hairless—imagine that!);
Anyway, being around humans
Isn’t so tuff; and being a cat
Either lap or mouser—
An occasional rat—
Is neither class
Above or below;
In fact, whether content or not,
All comes down to atmosphere:
If the creature
Feels a steady stream of love-flow,
Feels deeply needed
Having a sense
Of greater purpose,
It is divinely happy—

The acceptable selfish reason
They share their hearts
With us,
And care for us….

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