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No part of this poetry should be reproduced in any form without written consent from the author, Joe DiMino who retains all rights. Contact.

"Marvelous Madness" by Joe DiMino.

I know only that I love—
And that
Seems enough for me;

And if into this world
I came
From manufacturer of love
Seems logical
For I feel the product—

I feel moving the spirit
Of some Godly substance
Having replicated me,
And lives with me
All parts of me—

I sense
Such living copyright—

Immortal bookworm;

Devouring my pages…
Excreting new ones,
With bindings
Far more durable
And letters of gold
Seeming to elevate—

With them I lift into the air…
Breathe the fresh deeply
In and out…but not as one resuscitates
Another’s trance,
Reciting aloud
A poetics installed—
But now, perhaps for the first time,
I keenly
Hear my own voice
Along with that
Of echo

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