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"MeMeMe (Politics 2014)" by Joe DiMino

Me Me Me
Feel my concern
Feel my pain
Feel my drain
The world tugs
And revolves around meee—
Cost cost cost
The price you must pay
For my me me me
Your lose lose lose—
Corporate greed!
You damn enterprisers!
WE can ALL live on veggies…they
Feel no pain—hum…:
And those wonderful polyesters!
Toxic cools—fools, isn’t that a wrinkle?
Why not electro-cars?
Hydrogen fuel cells
The energy of stars?
Most of you
Me Me Me’s
Would secretly like
To live like them anyway
Lighting the earths with your brilliance
When not going to Socialist fund raisers
And Nature’s costume balls
(Stepping over children’s bodies
Necessary collateral damage)
Easier than really earning a living
Till the rest of us
Run out of money money money….
Peace! Please!
But, then, what would Me Me Me
Do with time time time
Nature appalling vacuums?
I know,
We should all be artists
So say Nancy Pelosi
And Barack Obama
Laughing on the way
To their banks….

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