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"My Dreaming" (by Joe DiMino)

The days go by without you
(My earth a lot slower)
Sun drags across the sky—
Dragging my heart with it
Like all those early firsts
That took forever to come,
Wanting and yearning—so I dream

In dreams to go anywhere:
Rise above the rooftops
(You recall those imagined wings
And how high we flew?)—
The eagle set to jealousy,
Wanting to be master of the sky,
Though always lower than those silver birds
Catching the sun and throwing it back,
If only I could turn time that way—
So I dream

In dreams to go anywhere;
To feel again your warmth
Arms holding me that never wanted parting—
Even the 9 to 5 durations were painful
(And then you were a lifetime away)
Perhaps if I was there
Things may have turned out different;
Your superman holding off a brake-less truck—
(But that day…was not our day for good luck)
(Hindsight 20/20)
(Much as we both would have liked,
We couldn’t be everywhere together, at all times)
(Especially now)
(Unless I dream)…..

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