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"My Love" (by Joe DiMino)

Why compare you, my love,
To the beauty of blossoms?
They have their seasons—
And you are all four
To me—with their separate beauties—
And one more, constant in caring;

Foolish to compare
Love/beauty alongside
One another—
To declare in the same breath
What is often skin-deep—

For you are far more penetrating,

Reaching the spirit of me—

Two hearts in attraction
Drawn so
Passionately close
As to say, we are one,
A singularity of love—

On second thought…and third,
Thoughts for ever-on:
I sense
Within this immense universe,
When speaking of love,
There will be found never a like
To make of mine a pair—
Nothing even vaguely close
In the endless out-there—
Eternally expanding with change
By contrast your infinity
Always drawing me
Perpetually near…

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