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"New Horizons" by Joe DiMino

To strive for 
Destined greater beauty
That of
The individual 
Outwardly manifesting
Ever brightly
One’s infinite gift 
Of all light experiencing 
Is always shaded away
When maintained 
Is a still-focus
On a comfort center

The consciousness of
Day and night
A new waking
Is first
The lively formed

As dawns attentive
To breaking light 
Must dare to dark
The day before,
Not one memory
No matter how brilliant
Is worth the loss
Of a future dreaming

And over the edges,
For the sky complicit
With its limitless creator
An illumined nature
Go further,
Slip beyond 
Your reluctant borders
Never my horizon
Should limit
Or isolate a beam
Of any light airing
Into being…

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