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"New Year's Resolution" (by Joe DiMino)

It was New Year’s Eve
And all through the house
Staggered Tipsy,
The ossified mouse—
(Let me explain:
If there was fruit over-ripen
Tipsy was a swipin’;
Glass of wine unattended
On some tray,
Tipsy was sippin’ and lickin’
After passin’
A vintage way)—

Now when Tipsy indulged
(More often than not)—
He got quite bold
With Luther, the cat—
Bopped the feline’s nose;
Pulled a few whiskers;
Nibbled a some toes;
Weren’t much Luther could do—
Cat’s honor you know;
Not a-sportin’
To eat a mouse
That’s been snortin’—
Prohibition number #8 in manual,
“Claws”(Cat And Mouse Game)—
Tipsy knew that one,
All cats bound
By the same;
Cat honor kept Luther
Paw-length by the rule,
Even when Tipsy
Make him look
Quite the fool.

Well into the evening
Near midnight transition,
Luther finally decided—
Settled upon a solution;
He smiled at Tipsy,
A maniacal grin,
Just awaitin’ the mouse’s
Hollerin’ and hootin’
To begin—
Toasted the New
by openin’ his mouth wide,
Amply large
To fit a mouse inside—
Clause #23 of “Claws"(Cat And Mouse Game)—
For his New Year’s resolution,
He could allow himself
One transgression—
Chewed slowly…
Ever so slowly…
Grateful for such satisfying, legal concession….

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