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"Night Crawlers" by Joe DiMino.

It’s the way of Night Crawlers!—
The old man told himself,
After a long life of experience:

Never having seen
Pigs come out of a Polk;
Learned that only in God we Trust—
Read the fine print carefully
For yourself!
Never shake hands
Over something you have not
Looked inside to examine with your
Own eyes and heart—

The way of the Night Crawlers!
He squirmed—
Remembering Poe’s “The Conqueror Worm”,
Reaffirming his own repulsion
For the grave—Slimy recyclers
Helped by other maggot-types
In process of making dirt out of living souls—
Human (said with reservation) Tax Collectors;
Politicians, loving you with smiles
While pissing down your leg—
Asking you to sacrifice
For the good of the greater population,
While they eat
$100 a pound steaks,
And their wives and children
Wear the best designer clothing
Purchased for vacations
At plush resorts
While their employers, the people who elected them to office,
Are squeezed out of every free (Freedom) cent and thought;

The evils of Capitalism—-Bull Shit!
Stick your Socialism!

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