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"Not All Stars Are For Wishing" by Joe DiMino

More often than not
Things are clearer
To me
In the moonlight;
All of us being
Somewhat shadows,
Less pure than
The sun
It is the moon
(Beyond the masculine face
To the deeper, feminine parts)
That safely host
Our likeness
For softer our tones
And greater her tolerance
When defining our hues
At times on the surface seeming
Opposed to light-

I guess this is why
Beaches are shaded,
Dotted with umbrellas
As we come to worship
But not always in brightness
For safety-
And our eyes
Need smoky lenses,
But the inferno's
Within as well
As without,
A cinder here
A cinder there
Though a burn of clarity
Is never a receptive star
For wishing

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