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"Not Easy Being a Witch Now Days" (by Joe DiMino)
Not easy being a witch now-days;
With tall towers, electrical wires,
Hell! (Pardon the language) I've ruined
More than one top-notch broom (such conjuring
Not for novice)-and why
Now fingered in this Google lawsuit?
(Who says Eliot got all the mob?)
The claim, that I have clipped the tails
Of some pertinent air-mails
(Sent by the White House I think)-
Wireless my ass! Those things hurt;
And what's up with the IRS audit?
-I suspect by bequest of
Home-Land-Security-airspace off to
Witches, unless you are party bitches;
Hell! (Pardon the language) I miss the days
When people still feared spells, and
There were no environmentalists yet
To figure out a buck could be made
By taxing sulfur, claiming (the usual bogus evidence)
That a witch's broom
(Personally I adore the aroma)-
Backfires and smells (Pardon the language)
Blowing eagles from the sky
Even further out, sinking
Solar driven UN Vessels (violation: treaty 1oo0…-conservation of
Zeros) with terminal swells-

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