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"Not My Brand of Cat Nip" (by Joe DiMino)

When my wife and I
Sit down and pray-
Getting high on spirit-
Our black cat, Shadow,
Meows "Nay"-not
My brand of Cat Nip;

Oh he's a good sort,

Very affectionate,

Fond of lap and nap,

Sweet and gentle
In many Christian ways;
But after 17 years
Persistent with nays
We've learned-
Not his brand of Cat Nip!

So who's to say
Who's nearer heaven
And who's nearer hell,
Just because only one
Of the creatures
Reads to speak, yet both
Use a spell-
Ours more spirit
We think
While his more
Taste and smell-
Lordy! What more to tell?

Just different
Brands of Cat Nip….

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