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"Nothing Changes" (by Joe DiMino)

Nothing changes
Especially us people;
Though more or less
We advance, digress—
Shift percentage,
Shabby, better dressed
Lighter, darker
The ending of a name…
Nothing really changes—
And always God
To blame
“Down with organized religion!”

Nothing changes:
Floods from rain,
Huge run-off from
Melting mountain snow
But never reaching
the dry
Every dryer planes—
Nothing changes
The weather cyclical
For naturally, but when God
Should get the blame—
“Man-made global warming”!

Despite new leadership—
The tyrants of yesterday
Cast out, a new leader untried
Placed on towering loft—
Now tried
Proven, lied…
Still, nothing changes
And never will
Not one significant part
Till man changes
Own lazy heart….

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