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“Nothing Lasts Forever”(by Joe DiMino)

I had it all
Now I’ve got nothing—
To late to realize
All was always you
And nothing lasts forever
Nothing lasts forever
You can’t spoil
What you don’t have
But you can’t love
If you don’t feel
And feeling
Was always you
Nothing lasts forever—
Nothing lasts forever
A perfect way to live
Superman strong
No one can take
Away from you
If all’s already gone
All has moved along
To a better place
And man
All has all she needs
Nothing left behind
Inside his world
Nothing lasts forever
Sometimes I wonder
If things could have 
Ended up differently
But fame
Was never your thing
Deep inside
You kept
That dream alive
A ring and wedding
One city
One home
Steady neighbors
A church
And Sunday service
Harps and hymns
Far from the stage
Those electric
My angels were pretty flawed
Though you never judged
And forgave
But nothing lasts forever
You told me
And that’s why
You had to go….

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