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"Of Course" (by Joe DiMino)

Of course
What we put-out in good
Faith and consciousness
We get back—
Even when we think not;

The plant inhales our waste,
And we breathe deeply of Hers

Swell and ripen as She,

Reddening our fruits
Inside and out—

It is the Law of Creative Attraction,

The law of Creative Reciprocation;

Pollution Manmade
And therefore careless
And not free-flowing
As the respiratory
Of God’s nature—

Caressing—and sensitive touching,

Massages of life,
And not bruising;

Not the stomping and pounding
But chants and rhythms that soar us,

All true lovers know
May start here on earth
But never let-down,

Lift to a Heaven
Where angels look up
And wonder of such bliss
That only God
And His Bride and Groom Man
Will ever share….

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