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Often I Decide (by Joe DiMino)

Often I decide
To remain personal
On a train or plane:
While others
Read or converse

My preference is thinking—
Having trained myself
In the art of variables—
Holding many diverse
In my mind—
A simultaneous juggling act
Of entertaining

A personal circus of sorts:

I the Ringmaster;
The lions and chimps, acrobats—
I, the roar of the crowd
And awes! For fearing

Too often we seek
Outside of ourselves—
Not for stimulation of thought—
But to distract from
The greater resource
Of being combined
We already are,

The shared-connections
Of spirits and minds
Less easily controlled

Settling for
Seemingly safer
An unchartered
Patiently awaiting
The inevitable—
Our evolutionary
Sinking of hooks
And lines
For snagging
And drawing up
And out
Humanity’s deeper
More mystically

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