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"Oh Could I Seek By Faith alone!" by Joe DiMino

Oh could I seek by faith alone!
But I have been, as Thomas, doubting.
Oh could sunrise be proof
Enough alone!
But I have needed more light-pouting,
Demanding of sky
Of earth of sea,
If there be a God
Show him now to me!
Not by sign nor mystic symbol,
But by face with body form-
So clear the proof
That I will tremble,
Shake loose the demon of my storm…

Then I thought, why so driven?
Why this question
My whole life through;
Why not simply live unburdened?
As so many others do;
Take the thorn from out my heart,
And the question of course, of source,
No longer pursue…

So I stood before in mirror
For at least this image I thought I knew-
Saw through eyes toward deep reflection,
Eyes that opened into me,
My scan over wider than silver-glass,
Shatters of mirrors
Resembled in past,
The ever-vast questioning anew-
From out dark firmament began to rise
Transforming before me all my lies-

For the proof I sought
Had never been fully sight-
And the intensity in life
Never only light-
And the thunder I thought
Simply to hear,
Was to make my soul tremble
And to draw me near-
"Son" the whisper surfaced
So clear I could finally touch,
My hand in Christ's wound,
The tears pouring down-
By His sacrifice in you
Was born my very best,
Faith in yourself,
Need be your only quest."