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"One Cannot Stop Light" (by Joe DiMino)

One cannot stop light—
Only avoid
With conscious effort;
Go entirely a circular-trek
In mind—
Race the surface of the earth
In opposite direction,
Enter a Life’s building,
Seal the edges of shades
With Duck-tape,
And dare not feel the walls
Knowing the warmth of presence
Is never sitting defeated
Just outside—

One must lie
Over and over
To one’s self
To hide without the patient truth;
One must sink
To soul-oblivion
Not to feel
What one is born to embrace—
Lie about the arms
That once cradled him—
Eyes looking deeply into his own,
Beyond early shadows
To the Clear-knowable
Where we all begin,
The warmth of in-spirit
Driving us out to experience
But never away….

One need only
Look at light honestly
To uncover the dark—
But nothing short of
Cut out his soul
To sever from the light….

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