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"Only The Dark Side Of Night" (by Joe DiMino)

This poem is about Night-
The blind-side only;
No glitters will I mention,
Not a light-blade
Slicing 'cross bare-fisted sky
For a glance blow
To brighten sinking impact
Of shadows that I know,
Boldly coming
Grimly staring
Eyes that darkly glow-

Yes-this is about
Bleak, and dank, and festering
Dim within-

A maze of hide,
No path to seek-

No mirror
Healing reflection,
Without gleam to show a face,
No sound 
No prompt for other vision,
A vent-less space-

Where I'm at
No lamp for numbers,
No servant guide to lead-
No candle lit
The thought to see
Long extinguished me,

The dreadful truth not knowing,
All void except for fear,
The greatest terror
Endless less,
Just empty base
Without a place,
No way out to guess-