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"Only With God" (by Joe DiMino)

I fought, I struggled
To little avail;
Will seeming independent of body-
It is the same with all mental illness,
Or debilitating habits,
Believing one's physical somehow
Separate from the mind
Having dominion of its own-
In this I am not alone-
If only one day with God;

If only one hour with God
To plead my case,
With the ears of all who have condemned me
Glued to my voice
Therefore to hear
My pain real, buckets full-
No place to rest
This soggy weighted heart I carry;

If only one second with God,
Enough if quality time-
God! What would it take?
I passed the church,
Approached the door
Trembling from shell to spirit
Having cut through the soul
Feeling nothing left to sever
And nothing worth giving-
A church of no name,
Seemed not to matter-
I sought a hand
I could not see-
I wished a voice
I could not hear-
Took one step closer
All the same-

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