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"Open Your Heart" (by Joe DiMino)

Open your heart—
Lift your eyes,
Behind the cloud
is light;
The sun
Always shining—
Other stars
Distant hope
In the night;

He came down
Finding us—
Shepherd to all;
Comforting and
Sustaining us,
Awakening us;
Taking care 
Aware of our need;
There beside us,
Guiding us,
Waiting for us
To freely follow Him,
Loving us,
Pleading with us
Ready to lead;

Star all bright
We surrender,
Having strayed
While You keeping
Us in sight—
Now I see
As You,
Seeing You
In me—
Never again 
To distance myself
From the nearness
Of Your being,
The gentle
Of Your ray—
Off the cross
You have made us
In spirit
Of the father,
Born of the same
Fertile Mother;
She is new—
The Phoenix
Of transformation;
Heaven’s precious
Wings unfolding, 
Made purely holy,
For greater span and lift
To Divine height….