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"Passion the Art!" (by Joe DiMino)

Art has many tools for implementation;
But, I think…passion is the source—
Passion would be the ultimate loss;
Passion!—the vehicle of transport,
Painting in the mind and heart
Long after the oils have dried,
The sun has risen
And the moon, by greater heaven,
Put to bed; were passion dead
All the brushes and nibs,
All the winking eyes
And poets’ enchanting, musical
Truths and lies
Would be mere exercises in futility—
Passion is love—
Passion is war;
Passion is all
We hate and adore—
Were in not for passion
Not a body would lift
From bed, in answer to birds’
Songs—in fact, were it not
For winged passion,
Not a bird would flutter
To move them, and we
Higher, and further along….
Indeed!—there would be art
Were all our implements gone—
Our easels and instruments
Stolen, by thieves taken beyond;
For the soul is art,
And without passion
No soul would be
interestingly right
Or interestingly

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