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(Author: Kristine Lowder who retains all rights.)

Peter Pan

I crept into your room again
To watch your cherubic slumber
And wondered with that dull, gray ache
When your impish innocence
Will glaze into world-weary wariness.
When gurgling squeals of pristine delight
Will fade to muted musings of prim nonchalance
And squirms of embarrassed reluctance
Resist my showers of kisses?

When Peter Pan will fly
Our Neverland invaded by Mr. Darling.

But not now.
Not today.

Because This Day
I scoop you into grateful arms
Cradle you to my breast
Marvel at your sweet baby smell
And effervescent radiance
Rejoice in the Miracle of you!
Sequestered within my heart,
This maternal moment is mine.