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"Politics 101" by Joe DiMino

Learn to lie
With a straight-face;
A must when seeking
Trusting space
To manipulate by concealing
Never appealing;

Guard the telltale heart—

Knowing the soul adulterated
Is transparent to the spirit pure—
Adopting truth is your rarity
And not a Cardinal-rule;
Present personality
Of a humble, Civic-serving man—
Friends and family
Keep also lovingly in the dark,
Revealing to them
The same false, Self-serving


Oh!—imply you are inspired by God
For those inclined
To submit only to rule
By something noble and grand;
By force
Far above the frailties of lowly man;

For the agnostic
Claim life an unconscious source—

Positives and negatives
Of electrical current;

Not right or wrong
But simply for man
To discover and manipulate—
For control
Or to annihilate
Parties of opposition;

As to the atheist
Smile and offer him a compassionate part—

Wanting his naive vote also
For your Campaign-shopping cart—

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